In this video, Jeremy Wallace, a Microsoft certified Azure Solutions architect and trainer, gives an overview and a demo of SafariDesktops, an Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) as a service solution. He explains what AVD is, how it works, and what are the benefits of using it for remote work from any device and location. He also shows how SafariDesktops can provide a fully automated, managed, and supported AVD environment that is better, faster, and more affordable than building it yourself. He is joined by Will Ominsky from Nerdio, a software company that provides Azure orchestration and automation tools for SafariDesktops, and Chris Day, the VP of Technical Services at Safari Micro, who explains how to engage with them for more information or a proof of concept. The video is about 60 minutes long and includes a Q&A session at the end. #azure #avd #azurevirtualdesktop #vdi #cloudvdi #nerdio