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With today’s advancements in cloud applications and services, Identity and Access Management Services are more important than ever. Identity and Access Management is centered around ‘Identity as a Service’ (IDaaS), a user account authentication system that allows users to access resources both on-premise within your organization’s cloud environment with a single username.
This enhances speed and security, allowing teams to still get easy access to applications in the office and remotely.
In addition to a unified username and password, IDaaS enables access management of those accounts so that a user can access only the data pertinent and authorized for them. Along with capabilities like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and identity analytics, this managed access provides a high level of security previously unavailable to many organizations.
Maintaining these security levels internally requires time and resources well beyond the means of many IT teams.
With Identity and Management services via solutions such as Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory or Okta, suddenly this level of security and centralized management and its corresponding features can be scaled to match their ongoing growth without mass deployments of new infrastructure, increasing productivity and reducing IT costs.
These solutions also mitigate menial tasks that bog down help desks (such as user password resets) via capabilities like self-service password resets, allowing users to securely identify themselves successfully reset their own password.

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