Your Guide for Data Center Success

Distinguish your business by the quality, efficiency and security of your data center with Safari Micro’s data center solutions.

Improve Customer Experience Through Company Performance

Our data center solutions enable your team to maximize speed and efficiency by mitigating downtime 24/7/365

Empower Your IT Backbone

Lower your management overhead by freeing up staff from maintenance tasks

Reduce Physical Infrastructure Without Compromise

Save money, consume less energy and dramatically reduce on-premise storage needs through server virtualization.

Smarter Networking Organization

Develop separate networks for storage and end-users to maximize internal efficiency and end-user experience

Make the Most of Data Storage

Overgrown storage and data centers can seriously impair your day to day function. Our data center solutions help you get ahead.

Power and Cooling Solutions to Avoid Disaster

Manage your power usage, optimize your failsafe and backup strategy and protect mission-critical data on-premise

Connect with an expert to see how we make a difference in your Data Center strategy