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Our experts have years of experience and tens of thousands of mailboxes successfully migrated.

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Safari Micro is a certified Office 365 reseller, and we will set up and manage your Microsoft Office 365 Suite, so you can avoid the hiccups and focus on growth

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We provide seamless, secure implementation and migration to and from your favorite tools.

 I have personally worked with Office 365 for over a decade and understand how to make sure a migration is successful while minimizing impact on our clients business. Safari Micro’s goal is to allow you to focus on your business while we take care of the details surrounding an Office 365 migration. 

Chris Day | Vice President of Technical Services

 For the last decade I’ve worked closely with cloud based services and technologies with a particular focus in recent years on Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s AWS environments for enterprise solutions in the areas of infrastructure, identity management and automation. 

Jeremy Wallace | Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

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